Thursday, August 15, 2013

Well now! This looks like a nice rock to hide under!

Initially, I had fully intended to carefully think out this post, but since the local world has already viewed the events of Wednesday night due to a misplaced post in FACEBOOK, I believe it's worth posting here.  Hey!  I had some "likes" before I deleted the post.  Horrible, horrible, horrible.

So, without further adieu, here it is.  Note the commentary in red.  (The commentary is what I would have followed up with if the post had gone where it was intended to go.)

Just to give a little backstory here.  The post was intended to go to close confidants.  It was actually posted in the local buy and sell group.  9200 members in a community that doesn't come close to that number.

I went on my first girl date last night. I like my new friend. "Girl Date": Outing with a female.  No. I haven't switched sides, I just like the company of women.  I don't have to deal with... *shrug* the complexities of male/female relationships.

Ran into the fella I've crushed on since I was 5 years old. (He's in a committed relationship now and has children, no worries!).. And we talked for hours. "Hours":  This is a hyperbole.  It was off and on over the course of the evening.  He is super smart, and still absolutely adorable, but the conversation was completely platonic.  It was geared toward family, and life as it is.  Committed men are not my game.  As of right now, no men are my game, but especially the ones in a relationship.

Was asked out on a date by another fella, and I said "I'm sorry, I'm fresh out of a relationship and I'm not ready to date yet". Woot! (I usually would feel guilty)
Played pool at the local pool hall. I still got it ;) The owner said I could have a job there today if I wanted. We'll see. (I applied there for part time work last week)
Went to a gathering at McCain Avenue (Snob hill to the locals) If the people that live there don't know it's called "snob hill" then I'm not the only one living under a rock., and ate fabulous gourmet food, and socialized with a bunch of schmucks. "Schmucks": See below to understand who I deem a "schmuck".  I did not realize the terrible slur "schmuck" is at the time of the message - Thanks Wickipedia!  If I had known this, I would have surely used "douchebag". There were a few guys there I already knew from previous jobs, so other than the creepy rich guys making sexual innuendos("schmucks" but we'll use "douchebags"), it was a good spot to be. Note:  They were not ALL douchebags.  I liked a lot of them.  The "douchebags" are a turn-off, and I tend to dwell on that.  If they were all horrid I wouldn't have stuck around.

Pretty good girl date. From coffee to catching up to snob hill. Who knew so much could be done with one Wednesday.

In the time I was gone, my facebook inbox blew up from random people... Guess the word is out?

Guess they haven't realized I'm a nun yet."
Yes, I've decided to start wearing a wimple.

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