Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's just call this one "Roading: The new life of Alex"

Sometimes, a girl just needs to get away!

The past weekend was Hullaballoo.  This event is heavily sponsored by my employer.  It involves a multitude of artists ranging from blues, to funk, to cover bands.  This event spans over three days, and because of the work sponsorship... I get free tickets! Yey!

Friday night was hectic.  I had to deliver the four-wheeler to my ex.  Prior to delivery, I met up with a fella I had talked to earlier in the week.  He's interested in the bike, so I let him take it for a spin.  He was polite, helpful, and over all a nice guy.  Sheesh - I thought that breed was extinct!

I learned to back up a trailer hitched to the truck.  This should have been on my list of "to-do's" because it's hard as hell!  Good news!  I didn't even jack knife the thing... (I did however, run over my Mums petunias.  ...Whoops...Let's not tell her.)

When I met new fella, he helped me unload and load the wheeler.  He also helped me strap it up. When I got to the house, the ex watched me unload it, and watched as I cursed the full way out of the driveway as I backed up.  He was drinking as usual, and just acted like a complete jerk. 

I went on a brief PEI excursion with the family this weekend.  I had full intentions of knocking some goals off my list, but unfortunately it didn't happen.  I did consider it a "road trip" because I drove the car to the island. :) One thing down *Crosses "Go on a Road Trip" off the list*

We went to a "haunted mansion" - choosing this activity forced me to forego a car show (Which the boys had PROMISED to take me to anyways).... But I'm glad I went to the mansion.  It was great!  I took tons of pictures. I'll post those later.

I've been sitting on this blog for three days waiting to have the ambition to upload my pictures, but honestly I haven't been home long enough to get at my laptop (And the internet connection is the appropriate speed for the two 50-somethings that I live with)... So forgive my lack of posting.  I had the best of intentions to make this awesome, but...well....

Anyways, I have loads to update including "the list" and "slightly straying from the list"...

Stay tuned!  I'd love to tell you all about it!


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