Monday, August 26, 2013

Classy (With a "C") Thursday.

After my first "fancy shmancey" girl date - the evening that has since been dubbed "Classy Thursday",  I've come to the conclusion that "dating" men doesn't come close to going on female dates.

I went out with my newest close girl friend last Thursday evening, and it was an absolute delight.  I can honestly say, it was the most relaxed I've ever been at a fancy restaurant. 

SO! If you are a perfectly nice, straight, single lady toying with the idea of going on a boy date, I beg you! Stop!  The following is a list of why you've picked the wrong gender.  Think it over hard, sistah. 

Why should girls go out with girls? Observations from the book of single Alex:

1) With women, there are no awkward "Do you pay... or do I pay... or do we pay separate... or should we split the bill...? " moments.  I'm convinced that these "boy date" moments are the reason for any "eat and run" occurrences at restaurants.  If you ever see me sporting a cute dress and sneakers on a boy date, you'll know why!)

2) Sharing a bottle of Champagne does not have any underlying connotations.  -Actually, maybe it does. The underlying message?  "I've had a tough day at work, and you're damn right I'mma drink half of this overpriced bubbly... and yes. I might get tipsy, and yes.  I mayyyy burp."

3) Talking about ex's is not a faux pas. It's encouraged!  Let's dish while we wait for our dish!

4) You're having more fun than the awkward couple on their first date beside you. "So umm... do you like... stuff?" *awkward sip of water*

5) You don't worry about being overdressed or wearing something overly revealing.  We females, we discuss attire before leaving the house.

6) Talking about "girl problems" is not a faux pas. Also encouraged!

7) You expect to go on the date with baggage, and are completely prepared to discuss and analyze it.

8) Girl dates are therapeutic.  Boy dates tend to be the reason for NEEDING therapy.

9) Girl dates are filled with truths.  Boy dates are filled with "beating around the bush". (No pun intended)

10) When dropping the girl off from said "girl date" you're thrilled to receive a text 10 minutes later asking if you made it home okay, and feel completely comfortable sending her the same text when she drops you off.  There's never that awkward "should I text this soon?" feeling that comes with boy dates. "Do I text him?"  "Does the three day rule apply to men and women?"  "Is there still a three day rule?"  "My situation has to be different, he's sooooooooooooo into me -  I'll text him anyways..." *texts...* "He's not responding!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid... Is he busy?.." And so ensues overthinking for the duration of the aforementioned, abominable "three day rule"...

There are additional reasons for my preference of girl dates to boy dates, but we'll leave it at that.

Here is photographic evidence of the fun-filled evening:

Woot!  Girlie dates for the win!

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